Reasons why safety footwear products need to meet national standards

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Safety shoes are one of the most common work shoes in labor protection products. For those workers who wear them in special working environments, their importance is that ordinary shoes cannot be replaced. Therefore, safety shoes must comply with the state’s related labor protection products.

Quality and safety standards

Quality and safety standards. Next, we will take you to learn more about:
1. As far as national standards are concerned, qualified products that meet the national standards of safety shoes are compulsory for the country to implement the three-guarantee policy, with broken bottoms and cross-sections within three months after the sale, replacement, return, and repairs.
2. In actual operation, the specific service life of safety shoes mainly depends on the working environment in which they are used, the use status of the user, the intensity of environmental use, etc., for the low intensity of use, it can be worn for one to three years; and for the environment In harsh workplaces, such as chemical plants and electroplating workshops, because of their extremely corrosive nature, it takes about three months to wear safety shoes.
3. We must pay attention to the selection of safety shoes. This is also the importance of health and life safety. When selecting, we must buy products that meet the national quality standards. You cannot buy products that meet the national quality standards.

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